Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer:   Alpine RV Park & Campground, to include property owners, management and staff  are not responsible for any accidents or injuries to any person or pets while on campground property or for any loss due to electrical, fire or theft, nor damage to any vehicles, RV’s, or camping equipment and supplies. Personal property should be secured any time left unattended. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Refund Policy

Sorry, no refunds. For your convenience though, and ours, all campsite bookings, payment reservations and confirmations have been migrated online.

Cancellation Policy

All sales are final. Due to the high volume of tourism we are unable to offer any cancellation options at this time. All sites confirmed as paid for are automatically reserved in our system and removed from the site availability list to prevent double-booking.

Park Rules

The person making this reservation will be responsible for ensuring that all members within your group comply with our guest policy and park rules.

Check-in: 2PM, Check-out: Noon. Your site may be unavailable prior to this time. If you decide to stay longer than the reserved timeframe, you will not be guaranteed the same site. Please call management prior to check-out time to confirm site availability. Note: You may be required to relocate to accommodate any previously made reservations.

Speed Limit: 5MPH on campground property. Please be cautious of children, pets and ground conditions. You are responsible for any damage done to the RV park property. Replacement fees will apply. Safety of children is the responsibility of the parents/guardians. DO NOT leave children unsupervised on the grounds.

RV Parking: When parking your RV, you are expected to have a member of your group watching and directing. DO NOT leave children unsupervised on grounds.

Sewage: Connections must be securely connected at all times and air tight. Your neighbors will thank you.

Quiet Hours: 10PM – 8AM. Inconsiderate and rude behavior will not be tolerated. Your entire group will be asked to vacate the property immediately. If necessary, the Sheriff will be contacted to deal with any unwanted situations.

Guest Conduct: As a common courtesy to all guests, loud parties and loud music are not permitted, same goes for noisy, vicious or unruly pets. Changing sites, parking vehicles or placing belongings in an other site is not allowed. No clothes lines are allowed on trees.

Campfires: Campfires are permitted in designated sites. Creating your own firepit or moving one is strictly prohibited. Only the burning of firewood in firepits is allowed. Please do not put trash or debris of any kind including bottles in the firepit or you may be fined. All guests are responsible for maintaining constant supervision of their campfire and completely extinguishing it when leaving the grounds. You and your party are responsible for any damage caused by your campfire. Note: Campfires can be banned in this area at any time due to fire danger or high winds.

Cooking: Please do not leave barbecues or stoves unattended while in use and do not set them on the picnic tables.

Trash: Most sites come equipped with a trash bin. Trash, cigarette butts, barbecue ashes and any other camping litter is to be deposited in the trash receptacle or the dumpster labeled WM (Waste Management) behind the fenced area on the property. Only regular household trash is permitted. Note: Large boxes and broken camping equipment must be taken with you. Prior to departing please perform a walkaround of your campsite and take what is yours with you.

General Information

Pets: Do not leave pets unattended outside. Dogs are to be leashed and under their owners control at all times. Your pets waste is to be picked up immediately every time and disposed of properly. Pet food must be kept inside due to surrounding wildlife. Note: Noisy, vicious or unruly pets are not allowed.

Restrooms: Please turn off lights when leaving the restrooms and take all personal belongings with you – we don’t want it. Items left behind will be disposed of. Do not wash dishes in bathroom sinks. Do not flush sanitary napkins, tampons or baby wipes. Restrooms are for the intended gender only and you will be asked to vacate property for any inappropriate behavior.